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What happened To The young David confined To bed in a condition of deep coma?

In Stefany's shoes, a medium, you Will need to solve a case related to the paranormal world.

Deceit is a horror game set during a night where the fear of the unknown grows as the story unfolds.

Between dark presences and a world that perhaps is not as we know it in the daylight, you must solve the strange case that struck the Thompson family.

Deceit is a videogame in first person created by the Unreal Engine 4 and it is set in a house and in other sugestive places. You can interact with the environment and with the objects. Movies and original music to involve the player and take him to a world full of dangers and surprises.

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
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Tags3D, Atmospheric, curia-production, deceit, Game engine, Gothic, Horror, Singleplayer


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Deleted 204 days ago

I'm sorry if the game did not like, but I do not have a development team, I do everything myself, when you find a pretty nice game and because they have a team as well as having experience, I have learned the Unreal engine program, and then after a while I wanted to try to make an indie horror alone and putting it at a low price because it took me five months to finish it, it's not easy to create a game, but there is not anything wrong then over time begin to improve .

Deleted 204 days ago